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Mon interface pour ClamAV - My interface for ClamAV
ClamAV-GUI for eCS - changelog

change history file

3.2.2 (2013/11/24)
  • Included updated NL language file by Joop.
  • If exclude list is empty, at enable time, a default exclude list is proposed and only save/cancel is now available
    (save will close the dialog. If cancel is used and no exclude list exist, this will disable exclude list)
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Device detection changed and now, not operational found device are set disable
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Updated wpi script to add clamavgui path to clavwg (widget)
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Updated PIDs detection to set green LED light is clavwg is found in the list
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Added TPC statistics to check connections
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Added option to view/edit hosts files
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Added help link to my web page for hosts information and what to add to protect !
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Updated all language files
  • "3.2.1 not released" - Corrected excludelist problem and added some default patern for the list
  • "3.2.1 not released" - A few minor code improvements
  • "3.2.0b not released" - Added clavwg (feature to indicate safe status if cland is up - rxu.dll required)
    To specify a different ClamAVGUI.exe at "Open", insert new GUI fullpath under parameters
    To move the dialog, click on the clamAV image and move the title bar. To disable, click again on the image.
    clavwg [/parm] [gui_path]
    /parm is optional, valid value: /Q for quiet mode
    gui_path is optional and overwrites any user defined gui path
  • "3.2.0b not released" - Changed left/right button to correct some display issue
  • "3.2.0b not released" - Added NL language translation provided by Joop (nl)
  • "3.2.0b not released" - End user can now change default browser/editor to its prefered one
  • "3.2.0b not released" - corrected some other smaller issue
3.1.0 (2012/07/28)
  • Added a check light named ClamD_ini under parameters when clamd shadow exist under startup folder
    (value set in the ini file at installation)
  • If ClamD_ini has a faulse detection, you can force it with a click on the light button.
  • With available wptools.dll (should be under eCS libpath), installed clamd under startup folder using objectid is auto detected
  • Enabled recursive scan subdir option when using clamd_verbose option (use of low value will speed up this option process)
  • Added exclude list suggestions when exclude list is empty.
  • View of large log file opens a popup message for external browser (to prevent long load time)
3.0.0 *Major release* (2012/03/06)
  • Added option to use system log path or user set logpath (default is system log path)
  • Freshclam config file is updated to use same log path as clamscan or clamdscan
  • Database message no more issued if correct database files are found under a different location
  • Database message no more issued if user forced database location into a different directory despite no database exist
  • To specify a user database path (no files), overwrite existing entry. If the path exist, yellow led is on else led is red
    (Only one directory level is created by clamavgui at save time).
  • FOUND button is available until all found viruses aren't REMOVED or MOVED for a given scan.
  • Added new drive type icons
  • Removed CLAMAV.DLL path initial installation popup menu
  • Added popup message if ClamAV.dll didn't reply clamavgui queries due to dll not loaded nor into libpath.
  • Improved ClamAV version wpi installed detection
  • At initial start and if version is found through WPI, clamavgui tries to get correct clamav path from wpi database too
  • Now use of system programs path variable to set initial default Clamav path if no unixroot or WPI installed
  • Added use of rxlvm.dll
  • Trying to identify type of drives (HDD,CD,NETWORK,USB,RAMFS..) through lvm or out of lvm with no USB
  • Added new option to get floppy as elligible device (as seen by OS/2 - eCS)
  • Added View menu option
  • Added Drive refresh under view option
  • Added colored menu examples under view option
  • Added Default initial menu design under view option
  • Changed default enabled use of priority to no used
  • Saving an exclude list will enabled use of exclude list (for clamscan) if it wasn't previously on
  • Initial clamavgi.ini is now created under program path
  • Log files have now a readable time into logname
  • Exclude list can be added into clamd* config file too using input stream as is
  • Changed defaults: "Warnings off" on and "Drives: Used" selected
  • Language files updated
  • Color batch files removed
  • Corrected new added shadow of pdf files under doc folder. Now, replacing existing.
  • Corrected desktop ClamAV-GUI program object to always use existing one during version update
  • Starting Clamd from clamav-gui allow to add clamd into startup folder. If it is selected, Clamd objectid is updated and shadow created
  • Config.sys no more changed when Clamd is created into startup folder
  • WPI changed to put all ClamAV-GUI under its own folder instead of ClamAV.
  • Updated clamrib xpi for thunderbird to allow installation up to thunderbird 10.1.99
  • Changed used icon size when in nnx1024 screen size (rendering should be better)
  • Changed parameters when adding Clamd into startup folder to no more show the running process
    (to enable this option, remove lines previously added into config.sys and start clamd from GUI)
  • Added a moving long wait indicator [../..\..] when using clamdscan
  • Corrected a few more minor issue
    Migration tips (with ClamAV wpi package installed)
    Remove any comment line or run command added into config.sys by ClamAVGUI v2.x.x if you previously enabled Clamd autorun from ClamAVGUI as config.sys "RUN" option or from the startup folder (remove the entry from the startup folder too)
    Remove (recommended) or move under clamAVGUI path (to preserve user config) any clamavgi.ini under ..\OS2 (issue attrib -h clamavgi.ini to be sure not having an hiden ini file left). To add Clamd under startup folder and update Clamd from ClamAV with correct parameters, finilize ClamAVGUI settings and start ClamD daemon from ClamAVGUI Menu option (No config.sys change when using startup folder suggestion).
    To use full power and PIDs option, don't forget to move rxu.dll under ..\ecs\dll or ..\os2\dll .
  • If an older clamav.dll exist under .\os2\dll or .\ecs\dll path, a warning is issued
  • Added freshclam update logging
  • Added option to display freshclam log file (only available with default clamAVGUI set log path)
  • Corrected "ERROR: Can't get file status" when using clamscan (missing needed Database path in clamscan parms starting with ClamAV v0.97.3)
  • Now, drag/drop a file or folder on ClamAVGUI works again
  • Corrected a bug when "root + os" scan was enabled and running MScan
  • Corrected a bug when "Def_home" isn't set and scan button is pressed
  • Updated for ClamAV 0.97.3 compatibility
  • Database path should be specified into Clamd*.conf file too (delete older *.conf file under ClamAVGUI path
  • Changed Clamd start to use clamd under *\sbin else under *\bin
  • Minor update changing freshclam entries with virus database updated using local country first search DB ordern
  • Added new parm into default build clamd_gui.conf file at initial creation (delete older conf file if no specific user entries have been added)
    else copy user entries and add them again after new config file creation.
  • Database information has more information out of sigtools
  • Updated clamd_GUI default config file for compatibility with ClamAV 0.97.2
  • Corrected wrongly set in full upper chars TCPsocket keyword into clamd config file -- needed for TB interface
  • Added minimal config file used requesting ClamAV version (saw possible hung under ClamAV 0.97.2)
    note: To have new updated Clamd_GUI.conf file, erase older file under ClamAVGUI path and start new v2.3.1
  • Corrected a wrong config file selection when starting Freshclam daemon from GUI
  • Added "Files loaded into memory" scan menu option
  • New created default clamd *.conf file updated with parms for TB email interface (only for new install, read tipsandtrics file when upgrading GUI)
  • Updated tipsandtrics file about clamAV and Thunderbird - added following clamd.conf new suggested parms
      TCPSocket 3310
      ReadTimeout 300
      IdleTimeout 60
      MaxConnectionQueueLength 30
  • Added Clamdrib (ubuntu XPI add-on for thunderbird, updated to be compatible with TB 3.1.10 up to V9)
  • Updated language file
  • Corrected a few minor issue
  • Removed "stream" option which is no more supported
  • Added "- priority" under parameters to enable lowering clamscan/clamdscan thread priority
    (This option requires having priority.exe from FM2UTILS package under ClamAVGUI path)
  • Added new field to specify Priority value
      First parameter:
      0 or "IDLE" Idle time priority
      1 or "NORMAL" Regular priority
      2 or "HIGH" High or time-critical priority
      Second "Idle" parameter:
      shoulb be in the range from 0 to 31
  • Warning - Only new v2.2.0 build will be compatible in case of fallback due to modified ini file.
  • Restored dropped warnings off/on option using clamscan
  • Added Removed, Moved and Copied "FOUND" infected files history log including date/time of action
  • EPM to browse fullscan log replaced by "report" container showing the file
    (this option will take a litle bit more time to display but it is easier to read with its status icon and files from the list can be deleted e.g. Empty file)
  • Show PIDs has now "Return" button enabled
  • Added Icon status when displaying log files
    Red: reported infected files may exist into the logfile
    Yellow: log of a scan aborted by the user without infection
    Green: Current scanlog without reported infected file
  • Set intermediate "alarm" sound to a shorter time (when alarm all is set)
  • Added open quarantine from under [file] menu
  • Corrected an error when using Stop while RXU.dll isn't loaded (was a regression nto previous build)
  • Corrected color *.cmd files to correctly change colors when CLAMVGI.INI is moved under Clamavgui path
  • ClamAV default action corrected to allow one option only
  • Corrected erroneous disabled kill option under "Show Pids" into previous pre-release
  • Updated doc file
  • Some more minor changes
  • Added option to enable alarm on each found virus/trojan
  • Finally, correction to make RPM/YUM installed clamAV use the right config files is now effective (thanks to Dave's test feedback)
  • Corrected freshclam config file to use databasedirectory path without unixroot part and not overwrite existing config file with RPM/YUM installed ClamAV
  • Corrected ClamAV "migration process" from a previous 0.96.2 always called when RPM/YUM was set enable
  • Changed "RUN=" added position into config.sys (to prevent some MPTSTART error at start time if placed as first "RUN=" statement)
  • Changed REM text when adding Clamd into config.sys
  • Changed process to select ClamD config file. If original Clamd.conf file exist, it is given possibility to use it instead of ClanAV-GUI configured conf file
  • If original Clamd config file is selected, "epm" opens to allow user to correct/update his config file (User has to know which parms to add to have clamdscan working)
  • Corrected miss-placed instruction making default ClamAV-GUI Freshclam create unwanted backup config file at ClamAV-GUI start time
  • Corrected a possible database update end of process bug
  • Changed how initial ClamAV-GUI start generates default Freshclam config file
  • Corrected a possible not forced ClamD (if running) database reload after database update updated files
  • Corrected ClamD database reload message issued while it should not when no database update was done after a previous freshclam update was done
  • ClamD can be auto started from config.sys or "startup" folder. Entries are created when starting clamd from ClamAV-GUI
    note: When using "startup" folder option, *REM* entries are added into config.sys to inform ClamAV-GUI
  • If multiple instance of ClamAV-GUI uses same timed log file, it is tried to add a random number into the file name to have the log file unique
  • Multiple files or folder can be dropped on ClamAV-GUI icon for ponctual scan (one instance is open per file/folder)
  • See tric and tips file about how to add "ClamAV-GUI" under folder dropdown menu as selectable option like "New object, Folder action..."
  • Language file updated
  • some additional minor corrections
  • Corrected a minor problem with "scan" button not always correctly appears after a scan
  • Now calling PMMail to write to the author is fully operational
  • Corrected a wrong scanned/found picture size setting
  • Corrected a possible missing "infected" ring tone
  • Added default ClamAV-GUI picture on main window
  • Changed ClamAVGI.dll file
  • Updated ClamAV-GUI doc file
  • Enabled again "Found" list button to only show "Found" infected files
  • And from v2.1.0 pre-release:
  • Corrected a wrong "clamdscan" enable option
  • Changed internal scan procedure and timings
  • Faster refeshed interface
  • Use of additional thread
  • Added a stop button when allowed (not available when use of ClamDscan without verbose mode)
  • ClamAVM no more needed to stop clamscan (thanks to the [stop] buttom)
  • Changed / added some messages in "online" logs
  • Corrected invalid clamd.conf file used when working with clamdscan (no version displaied)
  • Changed some part of code when using "verbose" with clamdscan
  • "verbose" is usable with clamdscan and result more similar to clamscan output
  • Corrected path to ClamD when ClamAV was RPM/YUM installed
  • ClamAV-GUI Exclude list can be used with ClamDscan if verbose is on
  • Rxu.dll is strongly recommended to have but not required (rxu1a.zip package from hobbes added)
  • Added PMMail compatibility
  • Added choice to set PmMail/2 to system default if found in os2.ini file
  • Corrected a bug when using clamscan
  • Corrected Clamd final messages when daemon crashes
  • Online logs list is correctly cleared when needed (e.g. "Verify daemons")
  • Some ending processes updated for better final result
2.0.0 (refreshed on 2011/02/10)
  • Added ClamAV 0.96.4 ( WPI build or RPM/YUM) and up compatibility as well as backward compatibility
  • Replaced clamav path by clamav database path under setting (path is required starting with clamav 0.96.4)
    Added a fileprompt button to quickly change path value ( main.cvd should be selected )
  • Clamscan and freshclam path as supposed be into clamav path (clamav path is updated using this information)
    Added a fileprompt button to quickly change path and scan program
  • Changed clamav version extraction to make it compatible with 0.96.4 (format changed)
  • Added @unixroot detection used at initial start to proposed better default paths under settings
  • Added an experimental [x] RPM checkbox. Try it if you installed ClamAV thrue RPM/YUM ONLY
    (this option changes some paths setting to use those used buy RPM/YUM installation process - put user updates from *.conf into *.conf under ClamAVGUI)
  • (a) If lucide isn't under default supposed path, it is suggested to set a new path when needed
  • (a) provided PDF file must exist before lucide is called
  • (a) Database path wasn't correctly checked at setting open time only to get green light
  • (c) Checking for main.cld as well as main.cvd to validate database path
  • (a) Update WPI script to no more search for WPI installed ClamAV
  • (c) removed setini from WPI which used clamav path
  • May be some new bugs...
  • Added Bcode version into "DB version"
  • Added extra note in case of "Permission denied" on daily.cld rename during DB update
  • Changed default background color of "Found" button from Blue model
  • Corrected an incorrect Main database verification error message when its name extension changes to its alternate value
  • Added option to switch between "Local" drives (as it was up to v1.9.2) or "Used" drives *New* (usefull in case of RAMFS...
  • Added option to have ClamD run from config.sys - RUN statement is added as first RUN= occurence into config.sys
  • Reduced (very litle) time waiting on ClamD availability
  • Added a suggested character string into exclude list to prevent hung/stop on Clam log files
  • PID check optimized using RXU.DLL if installed instead of pstat
  • Using RXU.DLL reduces temporay written files (usefull when using SSD HD)
  • Added Option enable/disable use of an exclude list with ClamScan
  • Added new option to create an exclude list by adding fullpath files or mutching string into fullpath or dirs using part of dir name with an ending "/" not "\"
  • Updated ClamAVM to v0.1.2 (View of scheduled scan disables now auto-refesh while refresh has now "manual" and "automatic" refresh options)
  • Increased wait time for ClamD availabilty since v0.96.0 needs more time to be ready. This prevent contact error when ClamD is started at clamdscan time
  • Dialog sizing changed
  • New translated german language file (thanks to Ed and his wife)
  • Added clamav.dll location chek and auto-update if required (If option 2/ 3/ or 4/ is used, clamav.dll date is checked with the one from .\clamav\bin directory)
  • New dialog to specify clamav.dll location. Once it is answered, question is no more asked
    note1: If dll was placed under .\ecs\dll or .\os2\dll and manualy deleted, question appears again)
    note2: If you would like reset your choice to make a new one, start ClamAVGUI with parameter INITDLL
  • Added Warning message if required TMPDIR environment variable isn't set under config.sys (ClamAV must)
  • Corrected a problem found after ClamAV 0.96.0 installation (wrong confd.cfg picked up to start ClamD)
  • Added save PID option under conf file
  • Update scan logs message "Dirs" to Directories
  • Update clamdscan ending message to add directorie(s) or file(s) if Verbose mode on and input (file/dir) parm was specified
  • If verbose option is on using Clamdscan, only Clamdscan has to be stopped to stop (under ClamAVM) full process while without this option, ClamD scan continues
  • Updated German language file
  • Corrected displayed PID when multiple ClamAVGUI instance are started
  • Updated ClmAVM to 0.1.1 to not start when one ClamAVM instance is already running
  • Added message to indicate Virus database path used during refresh
  • Now main dialog exit position is restored at restart
  • Updated themes first comment line
  • Added option to auto-start ClamAVM (under condition of available rxu.dll)
  • Updated ClamAVM from 0.0.6 to V 0.1.0
  • ClamAVM has now integrated auto-refresh of CLAM* process list
  • Add a message in case of missing rxu.dll for ClamAVM
  • If ClamD is running and a new databases refresh is performed, ClamD can now be reloaded from ClamAVGUI with new Signatures file at update time
  • Added Initial Root+OS (main part) virscan option be run with any "Clamscan" (only) virus scan
  • Added ClamDscan more verbose option (slower and enables full recursive scan)
  • Added a few more information into Scan summary from ClamDscan in verbose version
  • Added "known viruses" number into "Viral DB update" history
  • Reduced some internal timer for performance issue
  • Added German language file
  • Updated ClamAV_GUI.pdf with new options
  • ClamAV direct web link added under help
  • ClamAVGUI to author private direct link added for updates verification
  • RDREXX error at first run du to bad initialized var + invalid call left
  • Now, if Clamdconf has not a valid defined temp path in it, it is repaced by system default temp path
  • Added a message under "defined colors" window about drag/drop color use.
  • Updated clamavgui.pdf to add a better drag/drop description
  • Moved "?" under help dropdown menu and text changed to "About"
  • Corrected nls for "Defined colors" text under menu (new updated nls files)
  • About is illegible to nls too (some exceptions remain)
  • Corrected "running..." text not correctly nls updated 
  • Db version updated to display saved daily and main file date/time too
  • If Main or Daily virus db files are missing, new message suggest to download them
  • If Daily virus db is older than current day minus 7 days, new message suggest you to update signature file.
  • NLS language file updated.
  • Added code to bypass a drdialog limitation (default color)
  • Added message after reset color to default. Until restart, save of current color overwrites set defaults.
  • Update green-kaki and purple command file
  • Corrected some color issue introduced under 1.6.1
  • Removed previous add blue default background color into setini.cmd
  • Added a few pre-configured color design (bleu, red, orange, gree-kaki)
  • Removed need of restart after color customization
  • Added background color direct support for main buttons
  • Updated docs
  • Setini.cmd from package has commented required ini parms for external color setting
  • Extended color drag/drop function available under specialized color customization window.
  • Added corresponding NLS support.   
  • Corrected "exit" option creating an error saving dialog color.      
  • When ClamAVGUI is call by the scheduler, latest scan results are saved into ClamAVG.ini (date + input list name + number of infected files)
  • Support of background color using drag/drop function (source=OS/2 color palette)
  • Corrected an missing NLS variable default setting
  • Renamed both default *.conf files to *.back files to prevent overwritting existing user updated *.conf files (both files are created at first start if not available)
  • Added experimental ClamAVM (monitoring/scheduler) ClamAVGUI add-on as fird package (consider it as an alpha build)
    • ClamAVM requires rxu.dll available in rxu1a.zip package on hobbes        
  • Added NLS support
  • Changed added to allow ClamAVGUI be called by a scheduler. By default, starting ClamAV-GUI with a directory as parameter
    • Disables recursive scan if enable for the current process. When called by a scheduler, adding a directory prefixed by #
    • Make ClamAV-GUI take configured value for recursive option.
  • If a scheduler is used, Clamavgi.DLL must be put under a valid dll path e.g. c:\ecs\dll or c:\os2\dll             
1.5.4  (not released)

  • Added a message when starting a Freshclam update while freshclam is running as daemon.
  • New WPI packaging
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